About Motlow Trained

Tennessee has more jobs than workers. That’s a challenge Motlow is tackling through a new program – Motlow Trained. This short-term credentialing program offers a variety of training and work-based learning options. All are designed to prepare new workers for existing jobs, or to help existing workers advance.

According to Kathy Parker, Executive Director of MotlowTrained, “Research indicates that certifications are the fastest-growing college credential in America. Short-term training is a fast way for students to get a credential that will help them land a better paying job.”

MotlowTrained offers a variety of industry-recognized certification courses. It also develops customized training programs to meet the needs of business and industry in Motlow’s service area.

Our in-field course instructors ensure high quality real-world experience to help prepare job seekers, career advancers, and entrepreneurial launchers for a new career, or to help seasoned professionals prepare for the next step in their career.

Workforce training includes short-term skills training designed to meet the changing needs of our economy. It includes industry recognized credentials, special certificate programs, business and technical skills, professional development for continuing education units (CEU’s), or job-readiness training.

Motlow State’s workforce training is designed to help you land a new job or get promoted and earn more income quickly. The new economy demands highly technical occupational skills and a commitment to life-long learning. Motlow State provides you with the high-demand skills and credentials you need when you need them, and our instructors provide high-quality learning experiences to help prepare job seekers, career advancers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers for the next step in their career. Course options vary in length and are open to individual students or available to groups when contracted by business and industry. Check for new courses and updates on our workforce training calendar.

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